Project Description

The Isle of Anglesey Council selected Asset+ through the RE:FIT framework  to undertake a programme of works to reduce energy consumption and CO2emissions across their property portfolio via a guaranteed energy performance contract. 28 buildings were selected for the first phase which include;

• Leisure Centres
• Primary Schools
• Secondary Schools
• Libraries
• Offices
• Residential Care Sites
• Art Gallery & Cafe

The works are being financed through the Welsh Governments Wales Funding Programme managed by Salix, which provides finance at 0% interest on projects with a maximum 8-year payback and capital expenditure of £200 per lifetime tonne of CO2saved. Asset+ compiled all of the salix compliance tools and draw down forecasts and liaised with salix and their technical advisors Atkins to successfully obtain all required finance on behalf of the Council. The final portfolio Investment Grade Proposal has comfortably achieved these metrics.

This has been achieved through the installation of 11 different energy reduction and zero carbon generation measuresacross the buildings.

The Asset+ team carried out a workshop with the local supply chain presenting proposals in both English and Welsh which has resulted in the employment of 2 local people into the team and the placing of a number of key orders through local channels.

The phase 1 works commenced on site in September 2019 with a targeted completion of August 2020. Survey work is now underway for phase 2 works which covers 39 buildings with installation looking to commence in November 2020.