We will work with you to understand your business operations and needs whilst carrying out initial technical analysis to identify opportunities that can offer guaranteed energy savings and are cash positive from day one. Detailed modelling is then undertaken to develop an Investment Grade Report for your property, estate or portfolio which will provide you with a robust business case for investment.

We do this by reviewing your current consumption and building use whilst examining the technical assets such as HVAC systems and reviewing your site logistics for on-site generation opportunities.

The Asset+ team will work closely with you through each phase of the development cycle to ensure your business operations are understood and catered for within the decision making process. Collaboration workshops are an integral feature of this stage and these initially serve a
dual purpose;

  • Ensure client and stakeholder objectives and needs are clearly understood by all
  • Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) selections and non-selections are understood

As the programme progresses these provide the opportunity for wider discussion around implementation, building choice, M&V approach etc.