Whilst the payback from these savings in both carbon and energy costs is usually incredibly attractive it can sometimes leave the client facing a large capital outlay.

Whilst this capital expenditure will be more than recovered over time we recognise that this is generally a non-core outlay. The Asset+ finance team can assist here and are able to provide a number of options to suit your requirements. Depending on the technology deployed and the level of service provision required, Asset+ can offer funded solutions over different periods and can highlight potential tax efficiencies within our schemes. With many successfully completed projects and client specific structures we are able to work with your auditors to explore on or off balance sheet solutions to match individual needs.

We understand that a long term commitment may not always be attractive in your ever changing market, and that this may provide a reluctance to provide beneficial building upgrades in this way. We have worked with our funding partners to provide a visible and pre agreed termination solution which will allow you to walk away at any time with minimal notice periods and with complete visibility of finance charges in these circumstances.