Asset Plus are delighted to announce their renewed position on the Carbon and Energy Fund framework, providing the ability to continue supporting NHS hospitals and the wider public sector to achieve Net Zero Carbon targets by 2040.

The Carbon and Energy Fund (CEF) Infrastructure Upgrade Services Framework is a 6 year OJEU compliant framework, which will be managed by COCH (Countess of Chester Hospital) through its appointed service provider CEF. It is designed to provide the NHS and the wider public sector with a streamlined and cost-efficient procurement route for upgrading energy systems and infrastructure through guaranteed fixed-term financial savings.

This appointment enables Asset Plus to tender for call-off contracts released by CEF on behalf of hospitals and other public sector organisations to design, fund, deliver, operate and maintain complex energy infrastructure upgrades where long-term energy saving performance is prioritised. The framework is valued at a total of up to £1bn.

The recent acquisition of Asset Plus by Johnson Controls strengthens its position on the framework and will provide increased comfort to NHS and wider public sector bodies of its ability to scale and innovate to meet the increasing demand for decarbonisation.

This renewed appointment highlights our leading status in the energy performance market. We are looking forward to continuing to work closely with CEF and their public sector clients to deliver guaranteed energy and carbon savings whilst accelerating their decarbonisation goals.

Paul Burnett – Managing Director, Asset+