Asset+ are delighted to have been selected by Nottingham City Council to work with them to develop a Deep Retrofit Energy Model (DREeM). DREeM is a scalable demonstration project based on the Energiesprong model, which will test the roll-out of an innovative financial and commercial model of deep retrofits to public buildings to increase energy efficiency and renewable energy generation.

The DREeM project aims to deliver innovative whole-place solutions which will make the process of producing ultra-low carbon (net-zero energy) public buildings affordable. DREeM’s ultimate objective is to prove that deep retrofit can be achieved without the need for financial subsidy and can result in net zero energy. The aim is for the amount of energy used by a building annually to be equivalent to the amount of renewable energy generated on site.

Asset+ will design and install measures to increase energy efficiency and reduce the primary energy usage of the building to achieve net-zero energy and net-zero carbon whilst also extending the longevity of the building and enhancing its appearance. The partnership also includes for developing a five year performance monitoring programme to assess and report on energy usage and provide empirical evidence to allow an analysis of the effectiveness of the works carried out.

This is a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase our innovative approach and technical capability to develop a model that can be used as an industry benchmark to achieve Net Zero Carbon on existing non domestic buildings. We are delighted to have been selected by Nottingham City Council and look forward to working with them over the coming years.

Chris Aldred, Asset+ Commercial Director