Project Description

City of Westminster College is part of the United Colleges Group and is located in Central London, where it is currently the top college for apprenticeships in London and the South East. In addition, it offers over 200 courses across a wide range of both vocational and academic subjects and has specialist facilities including, science labs, motor vehicle workshops, photography studios, a theatre and TV and Radio studios.

Asset+ delivered a comprehensive energy performance contract which required meticulous planning and co-ordination with the college to minimise disruption as the college operates 7 days a week. These works have improved the learning environments through better lighting and heating for example, and improving building environments is also proven to increase the cognitive function.







The project was financed through the Department for Educations Capital Improvement programme and a key component was upgrading all lighting across the colleges 6 floors to LED with the ability to control each area separately. The existing BMS was also obsolete so this also was a target for improvement to provide better control of the College assets and this was combined with the integration of a software system which harnessed the thermal mass of the building) in order to keep the indoor temperature within a comfortable range while significantly reducing energy consumption.

The final project delivers a 26.4% energy saving providing annual savings of £171,114 and a CO2 reduction of 339.2tonnes per annum.

“Using our experience in delivery of energy performance contracts within educational environments, we have formed a close working relationship with the Colleges facilities team, methodically developing and delivering this project  from inception, through detailed design and construction and M&V.”

Paul Burnett, Managing Director