Using electricity available through the National Grid is high in carbon and expensive to use. Creating electricity is also an inefficient process. One alternative is to use combined heat and power (CHP) units, which simultaneously generate electricity and heat.

Combined heat and power (CHP) units use gas to generate electricity, which is a much cheaper and lower carbon form of energy. The units are based onsite and their generation is highly efficient, which brings reduced carbon emissions and cheaper electricity bills.

The waste heat that is created by generating electricity in this way can be captured for use in heating buildings. This makes it a far more efficient process overall when compared to using grid electricity and relying on separate gas boilers.

CHP best suits buildings with high constant heating needs, such as leisure centres with swimming pools, hospitals and large factories with constantly high heat demand. Existing gas boilers can be retained or replaced with more efficient versions to maximise the efficiencies and ensure heat loads are met.