Asset+ are accredited members on the UK’s largest and most successful Public Sector ESCo Frameworks including REFIT and the Carbon Energy Fund. These frameworks provide public sector bodies with an OJEU compliant opportunity to procure a competitively tendered energy performance contract from the UK’s leading ESCo contractors. The ESCo will guarantee the energy savings from the works that it is undertaking over a given period. As a result the public sector body are assured of a secure financial saving.

The Asset+ team have a long history and successful track record on these frameworks where they have secured and delivered significant energy savings and carbon reductions for a whole range of public sector organisations including schools, hospitals, local authorities and higher educational institutions.

ESCo stands for ‘Energy Services Company’ and is the term often used when an organisation, such as Asset+ are engaged to improve the energy efficiency of a facility under an energy performance contract (EnPC). Through the EnPC, energy savings are guaranteed by the ESCo which in turn pay for the capital investment required to implement the improvements.

The ESCo examines a facility, evaluates the level of energy savings that could be achieved, and then offers to implement the project and guarantee those savings over an agreed term. This is achieved via an Investment Grade Proposal (IGP) and will generally include a mix of both demand side and supply side energy conservation measures (ECM’s) that are focused on reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions with the best possible commercial benefit. The total benefit of the ESCo’s proposal can be measured in a number of ways, such as;

  • Energy Saved (£ or kWh)
  • Carbon Saved (tonnes)
  • Simple Payback (Yrs)
  • Net Present Value (£)

An EnPC project is typically a turnkey service, with the ESCo providing all of the services required to design and implement a comprehensive project at the customer facility, from the initial energy audit through to the long-term Measurement and Verification (M&V) of the project savings. The ECM’s would be a comprehensive set of measures to fit the needs of a particular facility, including energy efficiency retro fits, such as lighting, BMS etc and in addition, can include renewables, distributed generation and water conservation. If the client wishes, the ESCo arranges for long-term project financing that is provided by a third-party financing company, typically in the form of a bank loan.